We are still running…keep reading to find out more…

Since Lockdown started Orpington has organised many virtual events for it’s members that cater to runners of all abilities.  We are very active on social media and have many chat groups to keep people engaged and motivated. If you are one of the new runners out there (or want to be) don’t miss out, just click “join us” to sign up today. 

Events have included:
1) 19 minute relay – balanced teams of 19 participants compete over 19 days to run as far as possible in 19 minutes
2) GPS art challenge – creating recognisable things out of the GPS traces of your run
3) 2.6 challenge – balanced teams of 10 participants competed to run 2.6 miles in the combined shortest time
4) Virtual Mayhem – innovative 2 week virtual competition vs our neighbour club Zero To Hero Runners
5) fORRty miles of running challenge – a team event to mark the 40th anniversary of the London Marathon

and Many more are planned..

Aside from that we’ve been creating content for our website to support solo running such as a database of great local running routes and a guide of how to use those with your watch of phone

We are simply the friendliest of running clubs, and since 1985 have supported the noble sport of running in and around our little pocket of Orpington, Kent.You are more than welcome to run with the Club a few times, to ensure that the Club is what you want, before joining. Take a look out our run schedule to see what day and time suits you best. When you first turn up please make yourself known to one of us as a ‘prospective member’ so that we can introduce you to the appropriate group for you.
However, before you join us we would highly recommend that you visit our running safety section. For full joining information please see the Join Us page or email us at orpingtonroadrunners@gmail.com