ORR Social distance running competition – you’ve got to be in it to win it!!

Last week our club members posted pictures on the Facebook group of them with signs. As you can see from the catchy image above it’s possible to be quite creative with a run!

So, your challenge for this week is to plan and run a route. We will then hold a vote on the website to see who gains ultimate kudos as the greatest run artist!

1) to enter you need to submit a gpx file of a run (not walk) you have actually done between today and the closing date
2) email the gpx file of your run to orrwebsite@gmail.com with the subject “run art”
3) stay safe and follow nhs and government guidelines

Closing date will be dependent on how long it takes to get a significant number of entries come in. Please feel free to post an image of your run trace on this thread

There are many websites that will enable you to plan runs, my personal favourite is komoot, but even strava and Garmin have route planning apps if you have other favourites then please let us know and we will add them to this post. 

Thanks, Matthew