Saturday – Track Session

Saturday track sessions start at 9am and based at Darrick Wood Grass Track, these are free to attend.

The last Saturday of the month is always a road trip to a local parkrun. Club members, please join our Facebook Group for last-minute updates.


Darrick Wood Grass Track  

Our track sessions have been held for several years now, bringing together all the clubs runners which has helped us see improved performance through out the club.

They are all about improving your running fitness, helping improving strength which in turn helps you run faster for longer. As an ORR you probably used to running some kind of distance so track sessions are all about shorter repetitive sets where you increase the intensity for shorter periods. In turn this will help you run quicker over distance.

These sessions are certainly not isolated to ‘fast’ runners. We get the widest of clubs abilities running as these sessions as they are designed so everybody gets what they need relevant to their ability. Everybody is welcome. You will also be surprised how easy it is to keep up with faster runners when you’re only running short distances. Remember you will not run any faster if you run at the same pace all the time.

What you put into these sessions is what you get out of them. It’s entirely up to you. You will only run quicker, if you start by actually running quicker than you normally do say on a Tuesday evening. Don’t worry though ‘Coach’ gives lots of encouragement and makes sure equal paced runners run with each other. Running in a group like this is very motivating and with plenty of friendly help from your fellow runners you will find it inspiring.