Tuesday – Club Run Night

We are delighted to announce that our Tuesday main club night is back after social bORRble groups were organised during lockdown. There are many groups running at various distances and speed so there is generally something for everyone. When you join us on a Tuesday for your first run with us we strongly recommend to go in the group below where you think you should be, we want you to have an enjoyable run with us on your first night out with us. Please do email orpingtonroadrunners@gmail.com if you would like to come along and try one of the groups before deciding whether to become a member.

Come rain or shine, snow or fog, we meet at 7:25pm for a 7.30pm depart! 

The Club meets at the lamppost on the green opposite The Buff Pub, Crescent Way Orpington.

Below are the groups in ascending order based on pace.

A |  4 miles | Pace of slowest  – Our beginners group is led at the pace of the slowest with the aim of building up to group B 

B | 5 miles | 11 min/mile – Covering about 4-5 miles in an hour, with plenty of regroups 

C | 6 miles | 10:30 min/mile – Progression group covering 6 miles in just over an hour 

D | 6 miles | 10 min/mile – Lots of chat and regrouping, covering 6 miles in 1 hour

TORRchers |  6 miles | 10:30min/mile – When the dark nights draw in, the head torches come out! There’s not a lot that stops this group from venturing off-road 

E | 6.5 miles | 9:30 min/mile – Minimal regroups 

F | 7 miles | 9 min/mile – No regrouping unless essential 

G | 7.5 miles | 8:30 min/mile – No regrouping unless essential 

H | 8+ miles | 7:30 min/mile – No regrouping unless essential